Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yamaha YBR 125G

Generally speaking, it’s always nice to have something big between the legs. So while my XRM serves me well, I keep having the compulsion to trade it in for a bigger bike.
Like most underbones, the Honda XRM is smaller than the standard motorcycle. It is a descendant of the Honda Super Cub, which was hailed by Discovery Channel as “the greatest motorbike of all time” because of its durability, efficiency, and total unit sales. With its unimposing size and design, the Honda Cub became the motorbike for non-bikers. The XRM, however, has a sporty design that is intended for both on-road and off-road use. It is truly an eye candy with its rugged but elegant design except when there’s a 5’11” 185 pound rider on top.
Contrary to what the magazines say, motorcycling is not about convenience or fuel efficiency but about vanity. No amount of expensive riding accessories can hide the fact that I am too big for my bike. Riding a tiny scoot looks cute while riding a little cub is plain awkward (I normally have to assume a kama sutra position to reach the shifter). Since no dealer in the country offers trade-ins for underbones, I only have two options: sell it at half-price or sell it on installments to get the full value. But when my brother expressed his “good intentions” for my XRM in replacement of his China-made “vibra bike” (maybe he’s getting tired of the tingling sensation with every twist of the throttle. I bet he can make a fortune if he tries to sell it in a convent), I couldn’t agree right away. I’ve always been a scooter guy for practical reasons but the XRM got me started into riding for pleasure. The bike also got me featured in a local motorbike magazine. I was bent on keeping it forever but Yamaha made things more complicated. I had to pull over when I first saw the YBR 125G in Antipolo. It has everything I wanted in a bike and it’s even in a motard set-up (I fancy myself as an adventurer). It is equipped with a tachometer to help novice riders like me to operate the manual-clutched, 5-speed 125cc engine. Because of its sporty styling, the muffler (and sparkplug) is slightly raised so you can ride confidently through flooded streets during rainy season. I simply must have it.
First, I have to secure the funding for the new bike. This time, I was the one to approach my brother. He’d be happy to buy the XRM on installments but he has to wait until the following month for the renewal of his contract as a part-time collector to be sure that he can afford the payments. Great! Patience is really not one of my virtues.
Second, get the approval of the commander in chief. I had to explain my plans to my wife very carefully. Otherwise, I will become a real traveler/adventurer because I’ll get kicked out of the house. I was already on shaky ground when i decided to keep the XRM after taking home a 150 cc scoot. When I took her to see the YBR personally she gave me a “what the hell are you waiting for?” (Or “in your dreams, pal”) look. She said yes as long as I sell the XRM first. So now, I have to wait and let destiny take its course. I just hope Yamaha wont take the YBR out of the market like what they did with the X-1.


facai882004 said...

Hi Gildert. It is great that you decide to jump from your XRM to a YBR 125g. I can attest to the great performance and to the riding pleasure this machine can offer. You may visit to view some of our pictures during YAMAHA 3S' 1st YBR Touring Adventure held here in Mindanao last March 21 to 22. I look forward to reading your blog featuring your new YBR. Happy and safe riding bro!

rtrtr said...

thanks for your comments. sorry for the late response as im not techie and im still learning to manage my blog. got my ybie last april and i took it to tanay last week for break in. will be riding it to dagupan this weekend to complete my 1st 1000kms.

joedy bestre said...

hi to all riders!i got my yamaha ybr 125g last feb 2010.i was hesitant buying it at first coz it looks so big and i had the idea that it was difficult drive.but after my first test ride i couldn't believe how this big looking bike perform on the was so user friendly,easy to drive and the size didn;t matter anymore,its nearly 2 now and i got no single complain abt this bike.